Clarissa {class of 2014}

I have had SO much fun photographing seniors this year...they all have been super nice and so much fun to work with!

Love these candids I snapped of her when she was laughing at her mom...
I am headed out of the "office" for the long weekend. I will be answering emails next week. Have a wonderful weekend!

Alec {class of 2014}

Madison, Ashley & Dallas

These kids are so cute I can hardly stand it!

I have photographed all sorts of brand names of children's clothing over the years, but this is a first for Baby Armani!

Pricing Change effective September, 2013

I will be booking for October and November sessions soon and want to take a few moments to share about my new pricing effective immediately (not effective for any sessions I currently have on my schedule).
For 1-2 children (and family photos if desired), the price will be going up from $150 to $200 and the number of photos you receive will increase from 10-15 to 20-25 photos.
For 3 or more children (and family photos if desired), the price will stay the same at $250, but I am slightly increasing the number of photos I give you with this CD as well and you will now receive 30-35 photos. Although my pricing is changing, I am happy to be giving you a few more photos, as well as running periodic sales on sessions, something I have not been able to do in the past.
I haven't raised my pricing on family sessions in quite awhile, and I hesitate to do so now.  This decision has been a long time in the making.  I love my customers, and I would hate to lose any of you due to a pricing increase.  However, this winter will mark five years for me in the photography business, and my pricing increase is reflective of my increased experience and competency in offering you images you will love.  In addition to this, I find the costs for my family personally, and for running a business increasing in every venue, so I need to adjust my pricing to reflect this reality. I have tried to make this price change as painless as possible, while offering you some benefit in giving you more photos on your CD. Recently, I have been doing more weekday evening sessions when time allows me to do so. If you email me wanting a session that is above and beyond my regular Saturday morning scheduled sessions, there is an additional $50 fee.   I hope you all understand and stick with me through this change.  I have come to enjoy all of you and seeing your little ones grow through the years! I am thankful for you and your business! 

Gronfur family

One of the things I love about being a photographer is that I get to witness firsthand how much parents love their little ones. With this mom and dad, it is plain to see how much they just adore their kids, and I think you can see it in these photos. I have known Carmen for a long time, our families went to the same church when we were growing up. So, I can remember when she was just a little girl. Sometimes it's amazing for me to see her as a mama, and such a good one at that!

I love that we got a few with their favorite stuffed animals. So cute!

Talitha {Class of 2014}

More beautiful senior girls!

Sometimes late at night when I am editing, my mind starts to wander. Something I end up doing is thinking about which famous celebrity the people in my photos look like. While I was doing Talitha's photos, I kept seeing Hillary Swank's face starting back at me. Am I crazy? Do you see it too? (Although, Talitha is much prettier than Hillary!)

Michael {Class of 2014}

I was doing the math the other day and realized I was two years away from getting married when this year's seniors were born! Talk about feeling old! Next up is Michael! I photographed his big sister a couple of years ago. It was so nice to see this family again.

We had some time at the end to do some family photos. This one is my fave...
And as a little bit of trivia for you, Michael and Kate (from my post right under this one) were born on the same day in the same hospital and ended up being family friends and neighbors all these years! Funny!

Kate {class of 2014}

It's one of my favorite seasons! Senior portrait season! And, one of my favorite subjects to shoot is senior girls! I love finding their best features and playing them up so they look absolutely beautiful! With Kate, that was a little difficult to do because she has SO many great beautiful is she?

We did a few with her beautiful sisters as well. I love how different and unique each one is.