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ooooh, baby fever alert!

Luke & Autumn {Fargo engagement photography}

Who doesn't LOVE a good love story? I know I sure do. A couple of years ago my mom (who is NOT typically a matchmaker) got the idea to try to connect my beautiful niece through marriage, Autumn, with her handsome and just-returned-from-being-deployed-marine-pastor's son Luke (did you follow that?). My mom told Luke all about how sweet Autumn was, her affinity for hunting (which REALLY appealed to this gun-loving, all-american Marine!), and their shared Christian beliefs. But, we knew what would "seal the deal" would be if Luke could see a photo of Autumn. So, that afternoon, Autumn and I rushed out and did a quick photoshoot, and I posted pics of her on this little ol' bloggy for Luke to see. Fast forward through many months, a few text messages, phone calls and dates, and the rest is history! We are SO excited to have Luke join our family next summer, and I am so happy for our Autumn to be a Mrs.! Even though engagement photography is not in my typical repertoire, I really enjoyed shooting this session! And seriously, could they be any cuter together? (Although I'm not sure if a Marine likes to be referred to as 'cute'.)

Eva & Nora

Last time we had a session, Eva (big sister) wasn't feeling it. This time, however, she LOVED the whole experience. Even when we went outside and she was freezing, she did awesome! Great job, Eva! And that little baby sister is so sweet, too!

Rylan and Kellen {Halloween Birthday!}

Schuster family

One more family photo shoot I got in before all the leaves dropped at the grove :(

Lately, I have been trying to find a few new places to shoot. As the famous Chicago children's photographer, Audrey Woulard says, "While other photographers are looking for locations, I'm looking for spots." You don't need a picturesque location to do a photoshoot. One day, these steps I drive by almost every day jumped out at me as a possible shooting "spot", and I love their texture in this photo!

Swedberg family

It's funny how families with toddlers almost ALWAYS ask me if they are the hardest family I have ever photographed. I always laugh and answer their question with a big NO. My family currently has a toddler. And a busy six year old boy. And a loud (and sometimes obnoxious) ten year old boy. And a wild dog. And two parents that just about lose their minds on occasion. So, I totally get it. Sometimes, the more "busy" a session is (and it's bound to be with little ones around!), the bigger the return. I love capturing those candid moments that make your family yours.

Love this high-contrast black and white~