I have been photographing Laken since BEFORE she was born! (And now I'm excited to be a part of photographing their family as they grow and add another sweet little one this fall!) I love all the kids that walk through my door (seriously, I do! Even the ones who don't want me anywhere near them with my camera!), but Laken is just one of those kiddos I want to bring home with me after our session is done. She is a chatter box and has so many hilarious things to say. She is all girl, and is just full of personality. Love her!

Mya & Jordyn

I love photographing Mya and Jordyn. I can see both of them as models for children's clothing...such perfect subjects for a photoshoot! Take a close look at Jordyn's eyes in this first photo...she has two different colors in them! Sooooooo pretty!

Jackson and Lauren

Sometimes with toddlers and preschoolers, sibling photos are the hardest ones to get. But, with this session, they turned out to be my favorites!

Mack family

This is one of my favorite families to photograph and I'm excited to do baby #2's newborn pics this fall!

Brynn is one of those kids I photograph that has SOOOO much personality. She is just a hoot! I want to take her home with me every time I get done doing a session with her. So cute!

Miranda {class of 2014}