I did this session the day of the horrible Newtown, CT school shooting. As I was going through these photos for edit, I was once again struck by just how precious human life is. From the tiniest among us to the oldest. All life is precious. And so very fragile.


I cannot believe my sweet baby is almost a year old! The other day, I got him in to my studio for a First Christmas photoshoot. He is getting a whole BUNCH of teeth right now, and he wasn't thrilled with the idea of cooperating, but eventually he warmed up and I got these adorable shots of him! How cute is he????

Yes, that's me in the ornament's reflection.  It's  agood thing you can't see me very clearly because I was sporting my normal "mom attire" of sweats and no make-up.  Ugh. My kids probably get really tired of this look (not to mention my husband!)
This one is my favorite!  Perfection!
Love how he's looking at himself here.  What a ham!
This is his "I can't believe mama let me have this" look.

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