I love photographing little guys!  Maybe it's because I have three of my own, but I think it is SO much fun!  These brothers are just the cutest.  You may recognize the little one from my header above.

Many of you know that the blond hair/brown eye combo is one of my favorites.  And, I just have to say...if I had to look at this little face every day, he would get anything and everything he wanted from me!  His little face just melts my heart!

Love this one of big brother!  I think he looks like he's about 23 or something!

Riley, Madison & Taylor

I love the clothes this mom put together for our photoshoot! So modern and fresh!

Love this one! (Look at the little one playing with her toes!)

Ben & Madelyn

Class of 2013

Because of the way my schedule stacked up this summer, I didn't have as many high school senior shoots as I normally do, and I missed them! Which is why I enjoyed this shoot even more! Photographing pretty high school senior girls is one of my favorite things to do!

I love how the sunlight in the early evening hour these photos were taken in makes her gorgeous hair glow!  Her hair is so pretty...sort of Julia Roberts-esque!

OK, I know this last one is not a "typical" senior pose, but oh so pretty!
By the way, I may make a couple of exceptions to my "completely booked" schedule for a couple more senior shoots at the end of August or in September. Email me if you are interested dlizbuck3@msn.com

Emma and Olivia

These are dear friends of ours. I'm so glad we had time for a photoshoot during their visit this summer. I love this family!

These are my favorites...