Todd Family

The day of this family session couldn't have been more perfect...not too sunny, not too cloudy, not too hot, not too cold. And, to top it off these sweet boys were super happy and easy to photograph! Having three little boys myself, there aren't too many things I love more than brother photos!

Sanders family

The Sanders family invited me to their family member's beautiful farm on a perfect summer evening. A beautiful family, happy kids, great clothes, ideal light and fun was an ideal recipe for gorgeous photos!

This is one of my faves from our session...I love photographing Taylor!  I always have some favorites of her at the end of our sessions together!


I love Boston's dark hair and huge blue eyes. SO cute!

Boston's eyes are awesome for black and white photos! Gorgeous!

Elle & Emmery

More adorable girly-girls on my blog!

Cole & Crew

So sweet!


Isn't sweet little Grayson the cutest??? He is so chubby and squeezable and was so happy for our session. It was hard to focus on just taking photos of him...I wanted to play with him the whole time!

Dahlen family

These sweet girls are so much fun to photograph when they come to visit! They are "all girl" and being a girly girl myself, I love that! (It's especially fun for me since it's all boys at my house!)