Kelby, Teige and Kirbie

Kelby and Teige are two boys with a ton of personality, and they were super fun to photograph! I think their spunk comes through on these photos. So cute!

Little sister Kirbie is going to have to be a tough girl with those two big brothers! 


Jack is one of the more serious little guys that I photograph, but I did get a couple of cute smiles out of him this time around! So cute!

What a cute little family!  Love the orange and blue color combo!

Ryder & Ryn

The last time I photographed Ryder, he was Ryn's age (and I had just started my photog business!). It was fun to see how grown up he has gotten! He still has those BEAUTIFUL blue eyes!

And little Ryn was typical two-year-old-boy and didn't have much time for photos, but isn't he cute!

Are you sick of winter yet?

I sure am.  And my poor boys just want to play outside.  In fact, we just got done making a list of all the things we are going to do this summer.  So far, we have 30 items on the list and we keep adding to it!
How about you?  What are your summer plans?  I sure hope you have time to squeeze in a fun summer session.  Because of some changes I have recently made, I have three more openings.  May 11 at 9am and 11am; May 25 at 9am and June 8 at 9am.  Have a photo session with me in the morning on Saturday and head to the lake in the afternoon.  Can't you just picture it? :)
And because every blog posting should have a picture, here's one of my favorites of my friend Shannon's family from last summer.  It's really not that far away, we just have to believe, right?
And another one of my faves from last summer...little Lauren and her pretty mama!  Love the color.


Josie wasn't so sure about me. You can see her trepidation in this first photo, but she is so super cute!
Sometimes we have to use a couple of tricks to get a cute headshot like this.
Here's a pulled-back photo of a similar shot.  You do what you have to do sometimes! :)
And like almost all toddlers and preschoolers, she did eventually warm up and I got some really cute ones of her.

Love these of her and daddy!

And mama!

Schlieman family

Lauren and Jackson came to see me last fall, and little Lauren wasn't too interested in getting her photo taken. But this time around, she had a lot more fun during our session. She is just so cute, and I love her spunk! Her big brother Jackson has a TON of personality (which you can see in the photos!) and can tell you just about every bit of trivia about the world of dinosaurs! Impressive for a three year old for sure!

Love this one of Lauren and mama!

And when you think the kids are pretty much done with this whole getting-their-photo-taken thing, you just flip them upside down and you are guaranteed at least one more cute shot!
Are you sick TO DEATH of winter yet? I sure am! I am ready for summer photos in a BIG way. I cannot wait until I can shoot outside again! If you want to be on my contact list for a summer session, please email me at The summer sessions tend to go quickly, so get on my contact list so you have first dibs!

Hill Family

Erin is a friend of mine, so it's always hard to not sit and chat instead of getting down to business for our sessions! We managed to get it together though, and I think the results are great! We got lots of cute family, individual and even sibling shots (not easy to do with a busy toddler in the midst!). I love this color combination of kelly green and blue for these fresh and modern!