Harper & Makenna

Laken & Tyson


This is another big jump I got to see from last year to this year! Last time I saw Connor, he was still such a little guy, playing in the front yard of his grandma and grandpa's house across the street from us last summer. Now, he's a BIG boy and he was so much fun to photograph! So cute!


Last time I photographed sweet Emery (take a look here), she had just turned one. This time, she was a full-fledged toddler with places to go, and things to do. Two is a more challenging age to photograph, but they are SO sweet at that age. My next trip to Fargo for sessions will be the weekend of Saturday, August 15. Email me if you are interested in booking a session resolutionsphotography@gmail.com

Dylan & Beth

I'm excited to be photographing Dylan and Beth's wedding next summer! I had a fun time shooting their engagement session last time I was in Fargo, and it was such a perfect night!


This was my first newborn session since we have moved to the Bismarck area. I had almost forgotten how much fun they are! Sweet Eisley made my job super easy. Such a sweetie!