hudson & paisley

Graham is four!

My baby turned four! And because I had not done a photoshoot with him in OVER A YEAR, and because he just got a vintage cowboy-themed new bedroom (and I needed some "coordinating artwork"), and because he finally got his cast off after having a broken leg half of the summer, and because he is just so darn cute, we finally got around to doing one. Isn't he the cutest?

katelyn & liam

hannah, james, carter & evan

tenley & jevan

addyson & avery

I love the light, summery feel of these photos! Makes me want to go have a big glass of ice cold lemonade! :)

I hope you all are having a great summer!
I just finished replying to emails from the past week or so. If you happened to email me and didn't get a response, please email me again!

brent & anna

avery, seth & zakkary

There's almost nothing I love better than a crisp and clear portrait with this kind of lighting...

We were getting ready for a "posed" group shot when something funny happened...I love this photo! It makes me laugh just looking at it!