Bismarck sessions

I am trying to gauge interest in a photo session weekend in Bismarck sometime this summer. If you or someone you know may be interested in a Bismarck session, email me and let me know


mia & gavin


Addison was wide awake for her entire newborn session (the photo below where it looks like she is sleeping was snapped between sleepy blinks!). She was so aware of everything, and didn't want to miss a thing.
I admire her great parents, who were so cool, calm and collected through our entire session (a rarity among new parents!). I admire them because I was anything BUT cool, calm and collected with my first baby.
She's so sweet! Look at that hair!

ella, morgan & brody

This is the first family that I ever photographed, and they have been on my blog about a zillion times. Sadly, I won't be able to photograph them as often (hopefully this won't be the LAST time...) because they are moving away. :( But, hopefully they enjoy looking at these photos on the walls of their new home. I wish them much luck in their new journey!

taylor & alexa

I've been seeing some really cute summer clothes filtering through for sessions is such a sight for sore eyes! Summer is on it's way, even though it still feels like forever away!
I had lots of cute ones of these adorable little girls!

Spring Bookings

Hi everyone!
I have one change in my session dates for Spring. Instead of doing sessions on April 23rd, I will be doing them on April 30 instead. I will have a 9am, 10am, 11am and 12pm available that day.
As for the rest of my dates, I have about five sessions left open, so email me this week if you would like to book a session.
Happy Spring!


Love those big brown eyes!

aubree, lexie and teague

meyer & danni lynn

meyer is a busy boy and doesn't have much time for photographs, but I think these are super cute!

Love those pink, rosy cheeks!