Cambrie (& company!)

Even though this session was primarily a generational family photo shoot, we had time to do a few of sweet little Cambrie by herself. Of course, she should take center stage in this blog posting because she is so beautiful!

And I have to throw a few in of the family, too!

Speidel family

I have been photographing this family for as long as I have been in business, and ever since their oldest was a newborn. I just love watching families grow and change. What a beautiful family!


Sweet Jayden was such a trooper even though it was sprinkling for his outdoor'd never know it by the big, happy smile he has in these photos!


LOVE little baby girly-girls!

Emery's mama is a quilter-extrodinaire!  That is her beautiful quilt hanging in the background of our cake-smash pics.  I love the cheerful colors...beautiful!