A little change...

I am making a slight adjustment to the number of photos offered per CD. Both CD packages (the $200 and $250) will now offer the same amount of photos at 20-30. This is for the sake of simplicity, and because this is generally the amount of photos I am comfortable offering for an hour long session. This change applies to all upcoming sessions. Please contact me at resolutionsphotography@gmail.com if you have questions or concerns.

Andreason family

Love these!

More of mine

Do you think if I keep posting photos from the lake this summer, a time machine will magically transport me back?

Here's a couple from a few years ago at the same dock a lot of these photos are taken on. I love to see how much older my boys look! (and now there's a third one walking down that same dock!)

Love these too...


This summer at the lake, I did a photoshoot of my Graham. He wasn't too happy about taking a break from swimming, building sand cities and playing with his cousins to take photos with mom, but he (sort of) cooperated anyway. I don't have much time left before I won't be able to do styled shoots like this with him. I'm pretty sure his ten year old big brother wouldn't let me do this with him.

Openings for sessions

I am opening an extra Saturday for sessions in November! November 16 I have a 10am, 11am and 12pm available. My turnaround time for CDs is 2-3 weeks, so you should have your CD by the first part of December. Weather permitting, I hope to do indoor studio and outdoor photos. Email me at resolutionsphotography@gmail.com

Dilly family

Sometimes everything falls into alignment for a session (rarely, but it DOES happen). This was one of those sessions! Perfect night, perfect light, happy kids. Awesome!

These are my beautiful nieces that I did a photoshoot for at the lake this summer...I have been so busy that I haven't been able to get to these until now. Its a nice reminder of how hot it was when we took these photos on a cold, rainy/snowy fall day like today!


I have a session for this coming Saturday at 10am (weather is supposed to be doable for outdoor photos).  Because I realize it is difficult to fill a last minute session, I am discounting this session.  Email me at resolutionsphotography@gmail.com

Young family

Whew! I am in the middle of my busy, busy season here and my blog has been a bit neglected lately. I try to blog almost every session I do because I like to give the wonderful families I photograph the attention they deserve! With that being said, get ready for a flurry of blog postings! First up is this sweet family with a brand new little member! Sometimes babies in this age range can be difficult to photograph, but this little guy made my job easy! And his big sister is a natural in front of the camera!

Artis family

Love these!

Rudi, Meyer and Danni

This is another family I have photographed for several years, and I love to see how much the kids have grown from year to year. What a blessed family!

Bring family

I love watching this little family of three! It is so fun to see how much they just adore their little one!