I just love little ones! Even when I was growing up, I was pretty sure whatever path I took someday would have something to do with kids. Although my life's calling is to be a mother, I am glad I get to photograph kids for my "other" job! On that happy note, here's Nora at one year! I love all of her photos (and LOVE her red dress), but I just especially super-love this first one.

What a beautiful mama Nora has!


Abby & Reed

These two are so super cute!

Isaac, Graham & Grayson

I was determined to get in a fall photo shoot of my boys at the grove this year before the leaves all completely fell off. I was so happy to be able to do this shoot (even if I had to drag my boys and my "assistant"--my husband--there!) one gorgeous Sunday afternoon when the leaves were at their peak. Love, love, love these colors, and love, love, love my boys!

This one is one of my favorites I have done of my Graham in awhile.  I love his expression here!

Heyd family

This is always one of my favorite families to work with, and I love seeing the kids grow and change each year. Right in the middle of our session this year, I broke the cardinal rule of photographers: I filled up a memory card and I forgot my extra memory card at home! UGH! So, everyone had to wait patiently while I ran home to grab it. My thanks goes out to this family again for waiting for me! (And they were all hungry and ready to be done too!). Anyway, I love these!


I love seeing my friend Cheri from my career days when I photograph little Jack. Last time I did his photos, he was just starting to be mobile, and would pretty much stay put (at least long enough for me to take a picture!). This time, he was fully mobile and on the go! He also didn't have much time for smiles, this photo below on the left is about the only smile I got for our session, but smiles or not,  he sure is cute!

Reese Family

I had so much fun photographing this fun family one beautiful fall evening. The lighting was terrific, especially for the photos we did in the grove. Beautiful!