Little Grace got a big A+ for her first photo session (her teacher-mama should appreciate that!). She was super sleepy and super sweet through the whole thing. This first photo features a beautiful blanket made by a family member. I love it when customers bring things from home to use in their makes them just that more special!

Love how  she looks in my vintage baby carriage!

Olivia & Gunnar

These two were so cute, and at such fun ages to photograph, it was almost impossible for me to pick favorites for the blog!

Love Olivia's freckles!

Reed, Tanner & Hayden

I did Tanner & Hayden's newborn pictures, and its always amazing for me to see how fast babies grow! Although these guys had really chunked-up since their last photo shoot, they still wanted to be sleepy for their three-month photos. Love this sleepy first one!
And a couple individual shots of each of them (look how different they look!) wide awake!

Love the sleepy little smile from Hayden here!
And the little smile for mama from Tanner here!
And big brother Reed!


Once in awhile, I get the absolute pleasure of photographing a child who LOVES to be photographed, and Mason was one such child! He was SO cute, loved the camera, and actually giggled through most of our session. We did a few different background changes and clothing changes, but this set in my vintage chair was my favorite!

And here's one really cute one from one of the other sets we did.

Carter & Jack

Little Jack wasn't altogether sure he wanted me to take his photo. So, we started with a few of adorable big brother Carter. Love the freckles!

He still wasn't too sure about me, as you can tell by his expression here, but I still love how cute he is with his mama.
Then his mom brought out some sports equipment, and I was able to get some cute ones...
And he even started to have some fun during our session I think!