Jallison & Lucy

Any photographer will tell you that positive feedback from customers means so much. I absolutely LOVE to hear back from my customers about how much they enjoy their photos...it makes my day. I received an especially nice email from Jallison and Lucy's sweet mom. She always says the nicest things after our sessions, but this email really made my heart happy!

"You always make the girls feel so comfortable and pull out their personalities in your photo's and that means so much to me! When Jallison was younger she refused to have her photo taken---group shots were the worst and even snapshots had to be quick before she would run away. After our session on Saturday she told me "Mom, that was so much fun! I wish we could come here every Saturday!" That is a huge compliment to your patience and the magical touch you have with kids!"

Jallison and Lucy are so beautiful that it would be difficult to take a BAD photo of them!  Plus, their mom always puts a lot of thought into their clothes and accessories before our sessions.  I had so many favorites I just had to post a ton of them here.

Sessions available!

I have a couple of sessions available. The first is for Saturday, July 7 at 11am. The second would be your choice of a weekday evening session the week of July 9th (except for Tuesday of that week) starting at 5pm. Email me and let me know if one of these dates might work for you! PS--this is a GREAT time of the year for a photo shoot! All of the outdoor locations I typically shoot at are gorgeous this time of year, and I have added a couple of new locations recently!

Brenden & Owen

I love little boys! I am so glad God gave me three of them! Brenden and Owen took a little while to feel comfortable in front of the camera, but I ended up with tons of favorites of them!

Have you emailed me your photo for the All-American kid contest yet? Deadline is Friday! Remember, you could win a FREE fall session (which includes the high resolution CD of your images!). If you don't plan on entering, I would LOVE if you would "share" the information on my facebook page with your friends and family on facebook!

all-american kid contest 2012


Paisley wasn't too fond of getting her photo taken, but she's as cute pouty as she is smiley! What a doll!


Taylor did such a great job for her photoshoot with me! This first one is one of my favorite photos I've done in awhile.


 I have photographed sweet little Brynn many times before, and I cannot believe how fast she is growing.  You can tell by her expressions that she has TONS of personality!

 This face totally says, "I'm three!"

the unexpected

Last week I had all sorts of plans.  Some of them included the normal, every-day and mundane things like cleaning my house, doing the laundry, editing photos and taking care of my three babies.  Some of them were exceptional, like getting ready for my Graham's fifth birthday party.  But NONE of my plans included this.  At his birthday party, Graham was riding bike and fell directly on his elbow, breaking it.  The break landed us in the hospital for two days and he ended up needing surgery and having three pins placed in his arm.  This is not fun.  This was not in my plans for the summer, and it certainly was not in his.  But, we plug ahead anyway.  Just a note to let you know I may be slow with edit times and responding to emails as we deal with the unexpected...


Mom was feeling a bit under the weather for our session, so dad and grandma came with Macy.  I have to say, they did a STELLAR job helping Macy feel comfortable and making her smile.  So, even though I am sure she wanted to be there, mom should feel proud of her assistants!