Artis Family

I love photos of mamas with their babies! So many moms NEVER get a photo of themselves taken with their babies (at least I know I don't...I'm always the one behind the camera!). I always love to get a few candids of moms with their kids, and I hope they can look back on the photos for years to come and remember the moments that are so fleeting...

Don't you love the purple?


So much of photography is the ability to "see" light. Capturing the right light in a photo can really make or break it. I remember when I was first starting out, a helpful tip I read in this regard was to "see in black and white." Seeing in black and white helps the photographer to identify where the shadows and light fall. I love the morning light in these first three photos...

Although this was taken in a different location, I really love how the light falls in this photo as well.
What a cute little family of three!


I have photographed quite a few baby boys recently! And actually, baby boys are one of my favorite subjects! :) Brycen and his family came to see me one VERY warm summer evening. At the very end of our session, I realized I hadn't taken any candid family photos, and I usually like to have a mix of formal, "posed" family photos and candids on each CD. I am so glad I quick snapped these on the way to our cars because they were some of my favorites of the session! (and the yummy evening light doesn't hurt either!)

I think you can totally see how much love exists in this little family!


Henry was not sure he wanted to smile for his three-month photo shoot, but I did get a couple of fleeting grins during our session...

Look at those rolls? This age is just precious!

It looks like he's not quite sure what just hit him!  Kisses from mama!


Liam was a rockstar for his first photoshoot! Even though he was a couple of days older than most newborns I photograph(and when you are photographing newborns, a day or two can make a BIG difference!), he was a perfect, sleepy little model! His mama and aunt (all the way from Alaska!) endured the almost unbearable temperature in my studio (it was actually hotter INSIDE my studio than outside I think!) but little Liam was snug as a bug! Here's my picks...


This cute little family came to me for a photo shoot one beautiful (although it was a bit warm!) evening. Owen is at that PERFECT age to photograph! At his age, they can't run away from the camera and they are super smiley!

 Owen has THE BEST blue eyes!  I love them in color...
 But I SERIOUSLY love them in black and white.  Something about the black and white photos really makes his big eyes sparkle.  Do you see what I mean?


I have photographed sweet Addison and her mama a few times before, and I just love watching little ones grow up right before my eyes! I consider it such a priviledge to do what I do!

My Grayson

Where have the past six months gone? I cannot believe my Grayson is six months old already! He has so much energy and is doing all sorts of things like sitting up on his own (which makes photo shoots SO much more fun for his mommy!) and rolling from one end of our house to another.
Don't you love my new flooring?  I have recently updated my prop stash with some fun new finds!

If you're on Facebook with me, you'll remember me mentioning a "shopping trip" I made in my mom and dad's barn.  This cute little wagon below is one of my acquisitions!  I remember playing with that when I was little.
Look at that foot!  What a ham!