ella, morgan & brody

This family is one I have been photographing since the very beginning of my photog business. They drove all the way from Mandan, ND and had a session with me a couple of weekends ago. Aren't their kids gorgeous?

ellie, sophie & stuart

I have a cancellation I need to fill for this Saturday at 11am. It sounds like the weather will be great, so we will be doing indoor and outdoor photos. Email me at dlizbuck3@msn.com if you are interested. Thanks!


I am officially back to the blogging world!
Here's a sneaky of my friend Cheri's little guy who came to see me a couple of weeks ago. He wasn't feeling 100%, but he was so good and I managed to get some cute shots of him. What a sweetie!
On another note, I am still compiling my contact list for summer sessions (May-August), so let me know if you would like to be notified when I am booking. You can email me at dlizbuck3@msn.com
Also, if you know a high school senior who would like a summer photo session, let me know. I will probably be doing most of my high school senior shoots in July and August, and I will be doing a very limited number of sessions.