Last class of 2010 for 2009...

This will be my last senior for this kind of makes me sad because I love photographing seniors!
This senior you may recognize from a few postings ago. They liked their photos so much, they came back for another round! I think she is a beauty!


One day, I opened my email inbox and was excited to see an email from a mom inquiring about photos for her three children whose name I instantly recognized.
It was only last summer that so many, including myself and my mom (who is friends with Kobe's grandmother) prayed for little Kobe as he underwent not one, but TWO heart transplants. After the first heart transplant failed, another heart became available for Kobe in the nick of time. This one worked, praise God! Kobe's mom calls him "our miracle." It is such a blessing to be around this family, to see their love for one another, to witness their resiliency and strength, and to see little Kobe running around like crazy (making up for lost time!). I thank God that they came my way and gave me the priviledge of photographing their beautiful family!

totally blurry, but I LOVE the joy on their faces...


Here's another one that definitely could be a model for a children's clothing line...she is just beautiful! Love that hair!

I've been doing this a lot lately, as you might have noticed from the past few blog postings, but it never ceases to be one of my favorites!

mama's boy

I'm partial to mama's boys, I have two at my house (if you don't count the big one!). This little guy was definitely a mama's boy, but that just meant that I got a few really great ones with them together!

I love how dad gets the cold shoulder in favor of mama!

What a beautiful family!