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on what to wear (spring and summer edition)

Your clothing selections are such a huge part of your photo session, and I know it can be a bit overwhelming deciding what to bring the day of your session. Clothes that work best for a photo session may not be what you would put on your child in every day life, making clothing selections even more difficult!
Your selections can greatly enhance the look of your photos by inspiring me to utilize my backdrops and outdoor locations to their fullest potential! Below, I have come up with some suggestions of what to wear and what not to wear to help you get an idea of what I am (and am not) inspired by, and what works with my backdrops, locations, etc.
First, let's start with what not to wear for girls. Here's what doesn't work: overly "precious" clothes with lots of ruffles and bows, clothes with lots of appliques, character clothing (Dora, Hello Kitty, etc), clothes that are too adult for your little girl, garish colors, "stuffy" Sunday-best dresses (satin, velvet, sequins, etc.), clothes with sayings on them that are not personal to your little girl, clothes with lots of glitter and sequins. Also remember to do their fingernails and toenails (or leave them plain)! They show in the photos more often than not!

Next, let's talk about what does work! Remember, these selections are based upon my own personal taste, and what I know works well with my backdrops and outdoor locations: vintage prints, faded denimn (jeans, jackets), simple white tops with cute tailoring, bright & happy colors, unusual color combinations, vintage dresses, pillowcase dresses, simple white sundresses, personalized tees (name, initial or age), layers, layers, layers, fun hats, headbands and scarves, classic prints in classic colors (red and white gingham, black and white polka dot), handmade clothing as you would find on etsy

OK, let's talk about boys. What works: vintage prints, classic themes (robots, bugs, pirate, rock n roll, etc.), classic white button down shirt or polo, faded denim (jeans or jacket), unusual color combinations (or unusual for boys, like turquoise, pink, coral, etc.), layers upon layers, fun vintage shoes and hats, classic prints and plaids, personalized prints (name, initial, age, funny saying, "big brother," etc).

And what doesn't work for boys: overly "stuffy" clothes (argyle sweater, suit and tie, character clothes, boring clothes. I know it's hard to keep it exciting with boys' clothes, but try to stay away from a blah colored polo and jeans. If going with a polo, pick a bright, fun color, add a pair of faded/ripped up jeans and give him a faux-hawk hairdo or add a fun hat (backwards baseball hat, fedora, etc). Here's some examples of what doesn't work so well for your photo shoot:


ayden was a sleepy, happy little guy when he came for his newborn photo shoot...what a sweetheart!


gunner, elin and lake

I always have lots of favorites with these three...


It seems to me that...

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