About your photos

*My photos will be informal in nature. I use natural light and I love to take shots that capture personalities and relationships. I like to keep my photographs very simple so the personality of the child takes center stage.
*I have a studio located a couple of miles south of Horace, North Dakota (just outside Fargo).  I also travel to the Bismarck area to do sessions occasionally.  I am also open to scheduling sessions on the farm where my family and I currently live.  See my pricing area on this blog for details.
*Plan for the photo shoot to take an hour (senior and newborn sessions will take longer). I am very flexible and understand that children don't always love to have their photo taken! My goal is to make it a relaxing and enjoyable experience for everyone!
*Two to three weeks after your session, you will be given a CD of edited images on it for you to print. Printing instructions will be included. I will be mailing your CD to you when it is ready.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What should I wear?
A: Wear what you and/or your child are comfortable in! Layers and/or bright colors always look great. Simple black or white also looks great. Try to put some thought into the clothing selections you choose for your child...remember, the more creative you are, the more I have to work with and the better your photos will be! You can bring as many clothing changes as you think your child will tolerate and as many as we will have time for in an hour. If you are doing family photos, don't feel you all have to be wearing the same thing. Coordinating colors are actually best. Babies photograph best "au natural"...try not to put them in grown-up looking clothing. It tends to look informal and unnatural.

Q: Do you print the photos or do I?
A: I will provide you with a limited copyright release with your CD. This will allow you to print your photos for personal use only and at recommended labs. I will also provide you with very detailed printing advice and specifications.

Q: Will my photos be color? Can I have some black and white photos?
A: You will receive a color and black and white version of each photo I put on your CD. The black and white will not count toward the number of photos on your CD.

Q: Can I put the photographs on my blog, personal website or facebook?
A: I don't mind you posting my photos on facebook or your personal blog, but would appreciate you crediting the photos to Resolutions Photography.

Q: Do you offer other services besides photo sessions?
A:  Yes!  I am available to teach basic photography and photoshop skills to your small group.  Contact me for pricing and availability.