Mary & Isaac

I have had an influx of one year olds lately! The next four blog postings will be all one year olds (my own included!). Such a great age and fun to photograph!

Big brother Isaac got in on a few, too. Love the purple!

Hayden & Tanner

It's been awhile since I have photographed twins, so I felt a little rusty. We did their session on one of the coldest and nastiest days of the winter, and my heaters weren't working the way they typically do (usually, my studio gets to a nice, toasty 80 degrees or more for my newborn sessions--for this one, I would have been lucky if it was 70 degrees in there!). All of that didn't seem to matter to Tanner and Hayden, however. They took it easy on me and were snuggly and sleepy for most of our session.

 I think it looks like they are telling each other a secret here...