For those of you wondering what we are having...

Baby Buck #3 will be a boy! God must think we do an OK job raising boys, because He has blessed us with three of them! I guess I'll have to wait until they get married someday to get my girl! I do have to say that I LOVE my boys!

nichole {class of 2012}

john {class of 2012}


This is my little turkey. He is SO naughty some days, but then he's just so darn cute I want to eat him up! I LOVE age four!

kellen & finley

Love this family!

seth {class of 2012}

I had the fun job of photographing my cousin's son for his senior portraits. It was so much fun to meet up with him and his family after having not seen them for far too long. Here are a few of my favorites...

hunter, harper & hailey

I have a real soft spot for this little guy...he's my Graham's best buddy!

owen & onika

sarah {class of 2012}

One of my favorite things to photograph is high school seniors, and my job is especially fun with beautiful girls like Sarah! I had so much fun getting to know Sarah and her mom! August has been full of high school seniors, so more sneak peeks are up soon.