sweet little evelyn

You might remember my friends Ryan and Kara's maternity photos. Well, little Evelyn has arrived and she is absolutely, positively gorgeous! I am already needing another Evelyn "fix" and plan on heading over today so I can snuggle her a bit...

See that little mark on her hand? That's where she sucked on her hand before she was born!

As I was photographing this one, I was thinking that her feet looked a bit like a heart, but I wasn't totally sure until I started editing it...I did nothing to change the shape of her feet here...and, they are in a shape of a heart! If you knew this precious couple, you would know how fitting it is!


Four days young...

Date switch

I have a customer that needs to switch a session date with someone if possible. Her session is for Feb. 19 at 10am. Email me at dlizbuck3@msn.com if it would work for you to switch with her.

adelyn & ella


Thank you to this family for waiting an extra long time over Christmas to get their photos!


Love these! Can you tell we had a fun session?